The Society of Sacramental Socialists

Founded 2005

The Society of Sacramental Socialists is made up of socialist Christians in the UK, who are committed to the Catholic tradition of the Anglican Church. It is the successor organisation to the Jubilee Group.

The Roots
We believe that God is by nature fundamentally engaged with the world and on the side of poor and oppressed people.
This understanding is rooted in the:

  • Words of Holy Scripture.
  • Holy Mass, which establishes the equality of all people.
  • Writings of the Mothers and Fathers of the Faith.
  • Tradition of the Communion of the Saints.
  • Historic doctrines of the Holy Church.
  • Relationship of perfect and equal love displayed in the Holy Trinity.
  • Vulnerable love exemplified in the person of Jesus Christ.

We find our roots in those who have sought to live out these insights in the past. They include comrades, living and departed, in the Guild of St. Matthew (1877-1909), the Church Socialist League (1906-1923), the League of the Kingdom of God (1923 onwards), the Catholic Crusade (1918-1936) and the Jubilee Group (1974-2003).
This radical heritage forms the basis of our vision for the new Society of Sacramental Socialists (henceforth SSS).
The SSS will attempt to be faithful to this tradition in the early 21st Century, amidst the continuing challenge of capitalism; the resurgence of fascism and imperialism; the new challenge of globalisation; and the rise of the ‘christian’ right.
We recognise that both Christianity and Socialism have been abused for evil. The SSS stands against all forms of Socialism and Christianity that prevent human flourishing.

The Trunk
The SSS will be a society made up of people who are committed to the Catholic tradition of the Anglican Church and international socialism.
We will seek to live as Christ’s disciples within the Church, nourished by Holy Scripture, the Sacraments, and study.
We will pledge ourselves to pray for one another when apart and to meet together regularly for corporate worship, theological reflection, and active struggle for God’s kingdom. We will also seek to promote the views of catholic socialism through publications.

The Branches
The SSS will seek to live out the fundamental truth that love of God and love of neighbour cannot be separated. With all Catholic Christians, we believe in the Real Presence of Christ both in the Eucharist and in the least of his sisters and brothers.
Members of the SSS are committed to seeking God’s kingdom and its righteousness. This will take different forms for different people; we will offer mutual support and be accountable to one another. As a Society we will work with all who share our aims and outlook, including Christians of other denominations, members of other faiths and all people of goodwill.

The Rule of Life of the Society
Members of the Society of Sacramental Socialists commit to work together for the flourishing of Christ’s Kingdom on earth through ‘prayer and righteous action’ by commitment to the Catholic Faith, Socialist Praxis, Prayer and Personal Integrity.
Members of the Society wear a redstar which affirms both our place within the fellowship of international Socialism and our commitment to Christ the Morning Star (Oriens) who brings new hope to all, and ushers in the dawn of a new age.

The Prayer of the Society
Lord Jesus, our Leader, we give ourselves to you for the cause of your glorious Kingdom; for joy or for sorrow, for success or for failure, for life or for death; now and for evermore.  Amen. 


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